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Our Work

Here in LMAPS, we conduct a highly multidisciplinary research with an overarching goal of mapping the chemical, electrochemical, and mechanical properties of materials to their hierarchical structure. Our projects target a broad range of applications primarily focusing on energy storage.​

Lithium Sulfur Batteries

We aim to enhance modern Li-S technology by exploring new chemistries and structures in various components of the battery, including the sulfur cathode, the electrolyte, and the Li anode. 

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Flexible, Wearbale, and Weavable Batteries

We study novel structural hosts in flexible sulfur cathodes and Li anodes as well as new chemistries of electrolytes for wearable and weavable Li-ion and Li-S batteries.


Next Generation Lithium Ion Batteries

We study novel chemistries and hierarchical structures, from crystal to micro-structure, for the next generation Lithium-ion batteries with Lithium Iron Phosphate cathodes.


Biomass for Batteries

We investigate and enhance the chemical, electrochemical and mechanical stability of new bio-mass based-separator materials, as an alternative to the plastic separators, for safer and more environmentally friendly Lithium-based batteries.

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