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Our Work

Here in LMAPS, we conduct a highly multidisciplinary research with an overarching goal of mapping the chemical, electrochemical, and mechanical properties of materials to their hierarchical structure. Our projects target a broad range of applications primarily focusing on energy storage.

Li-S Battery Cover_9_9_2022.png

Lithium Sulfur Batteries with High Performance and Durability

In this project we aim to engineer the sulfur cathode microstructure through convenient and low-cost electrode processing methods and precursors. 

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Flexible, Wearbale, and Weavable Li-S batteries

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In this project, we study novel structural hosts in flexible sulfur cathodes and Li anodes for wearbale and weavable Li-S batteries.

Image Credit: Inside Science

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Hierarchical Structure-to-Property Relationships in Sulfur Cathodes

With a novel approach rooted in the materials science, we aim to ultimately resolve the challenges in Li-S batteries by reaching a more clear understanding of the effect of sulfur electrode atomic-scale structure on its properties.

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Materials Engineering for the Next Generation of Separators in Secondary Lithium Metal-based Batteries


In this project, we investigate and enhance the chemical, electrochemical and mechanical stability of new separator materials, as an alternative for the PPP separators, for Lithium metal-based batteries.

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Silicon Anode Processing for Next Generation of High Performance Batteries

In this project, we investigate cost-effective methods to process high surface area Silicon and Silicon composites as anode electrode for high performance batteries.

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